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Convergence of RDBMS and NoSQL June 14, 2018

"By 2024 the converged RDBMS and NoSQL market segment will account for about two-thirds of $60 Billion database market. The database market as a whole is not expected to grow in monetary terms, cannibalized from within by availability of open source database platforms and cloud offers, but it will significantly grow in terms of processed data volume. At the same time, such segments as converged RDBMS and NoSQL and niche service will grow at the robust double-digit growth to offset a general decline of the database market."

Source: Database Market: Convergence of RDBMS and NoSQL, Market Forecast 2019-2024

"Database Market Continues to Grow: Analysts are projecting the database market to grow to $60B by 2022. Given the continued expansion of the database market, YugaByte aims to capitalize on the convergence of three trends; ongoing demand for SQL databases, the accelerating adoption of NoSQL databases, and the inevitable migration of business-critical data to containers and the cloud."

"In today's multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud world, applications are becoming portable but databases are not. Fortune 500 CIOs are starting to re-platform the data layer for scalability, developer friendliness and cloud-neutrality," said Deepak Jeevankumar, Managing Director, Dell Technologies Capital. "YugaByte is helping democratize the transactional database layer by offering a single non-proprietary database that can span public and private clouds. YugaByte's value proposition is strong for both CIOs, who can avoid cloud vendor lock-in at the database layer, and for developers, who don’t have to re-architect existing applications because of YugaByte's built-in native compatibility to popular NoSQL and SQL interfaces."

Source: YugaByte raises $16 Million to combine SQL and NoSQL in a single database

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